Henry Cow, Viva Pa Ubu: We need your help!

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Viva Pa Ubu
by Henry Cow

Here is a song for all you Ubists
Fat & loathsome,
Rich Unscrupulous,
horrible, ghastly to be with.

Ye Gods! What a bashing!
You'll get what you deserve.

We have ways, Messieurs the Rich.

Hit 'em! Go on hitting 'em!

Ah, what a delight it will be to
see our sweet friends again,
Our dear friends,
Smiling, cheerful & well fed.

Look! Look at their hats shining,
What high rents they're demanding.
Come On, Forward March – We can
Do with you, Phynancial Gentlemen.
(Strike up the Phynancial song!)

Long Live Pere UBU,
Our Great Phynancier
Tang Tang Tang Tang Tang Tang
Tang Tang Tang Ta Tang!

Contributed by Aiden V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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