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Alone Doublecrossed & Stoned
Herb's Excellent Adventure Lyrics

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DO NOT Be Nice To This Homeless Veteran In Red Dead Redemption 2 Or Else This Will Happen To You!




TAREN GIBSON TDG now you weren’t I was lol

Ed Makarovs

I wouldn't be nice to him but i dont want to lose honor so i am nice to him😁

Big John76

MrBossFTW no way I’ve been nice to him a few times!!

Mason Hyde

The thing is he was a little crazy so he may have forgotten that he was in the army

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Omar Shmaitelly

Don't listen to this man, Micky is one of the most wholesome characters in RDR2 and everybody that plays the game should experience him

Chad Jr

rEfRiEd yOgUrT yeah he rolled over it in his sleep

ja to ja

rEfRiEd yOgUrT it's not true. U didn't listen and u didn't understand what he said

goldenglove 85

@Boba Fett lol omg that got me 😂

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