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Fake N' Mistaken
Herb's Excellent Adventure Lyrics

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Legend has it, this was how Vin Diesel and Rock actually were on set and the director just started shooting.

Jonathan Worden

Jackie Chan Van Damme vs Vin and Rock

Ezequiel Rios

@Killgore 2010 no cap and the history of wwe wrestlers winning fights is pretty bad , steroids and hgh make u look nice and fast but there’s no fighting skill coming w/ it

Killgore 2010

@Syringe's videos
I'm not surprised but also am disappointed that this feud is over silliness.
I could respect Johnson work attitude as it's admirable that someone brings his all to a new role. However, he also got to understand this is a pretty long franchise, Diesel and crew been working on it for a long time, at some point, familiarity with something could excuse some laziness or rather casual attitude toward working hours with them doing plenty of action in different locations.
It's ridiculous that this feud is happening.

Ankit Kumar


Joey Dután


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Love how this scene is a call back to the first movie about his anger and how he beat his dad's killer almost to death in the same way he almost smashed Hobbs's face in.

Kris scott

@Justin Macri did you even finish the movie

Max Shirinov

he should’ve.. that would’ve been an unexpected turn.. he kills the Rock.. movie over


@Roman bellic notice my comment says ALMOST TO DEATH 😑

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