Forever In A Daze
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Flying Colors Watch you walk into the room so smooth And it cuts…

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My mans literally referring to the subconscious ritual "game" red door yellow door if I'm not mistaken. Literally a mental space accessible through group chants many people prove its real, but the doors are weird or scary or what u need etc etc, it's your subconscious mind. He can't perceive this so that makes sence tbh



I was thinking how does he know what a goat looks like 😆


@sederquest😂😂😂 same exact thought



Ethan Pillischafske


Ronda Anderson

Try DMT it’s the mushroom daddy 😂😂😂

daniel hamby

Or datura. I’d love to see a blind persons reaction to that


He can’t see this…..


Really that's what people want to know because of the intense visuals on DMT

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Matthew Heal

Truer words have never been said

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