Strictly Business
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Blade The Soundtrack featuring Mantronik Vs. EPMD Try to answer to the master or the MC rap…
Capdown Who the fuck do you think you are That you don't…
EPMD Try to answer to the master or the MC rap…
Guce *(Guce talking)* Uh, highly anticipated, long awaited. (Oh, …
JT The Bigga Figga *(Guce talking)* Uh, highly anticipated, long awaited. (Oh…
Like You To Me Take time To take this back Poison my memories And face the …
Lil Skies I, I, I, I, I, I Wanna make it with the…
LL Cool J Verse 1: Back in the days I made up my mind That…
Lunasicc [Lunasicc] Now who the fuck can hang with this westside croo…
Lüt Slutt på tull, strictly business for å gå i 0 Nok…
Mantronik Try to answer to the master or the MC rap…
Mantronik vs EPMD I shot, I shot, I shot, I shot, I shot,…

Warhol.SS Uh, yeah, yeah uh, uh, aye yeah uh, yeah Still doing…

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Any ideas tips, feedback about these products mentioned in video? Thanks for any good knowledge share!

05:49 Pro-Mix connect (Miycorrhizal Innoculant powder)
Claims: -increased cannabinoids
-improved terpenes profile
-vegetative time reduction
-6000 viable spores/per gram ("most products aren't viable spores")
They use it 3 times 2x2 and 4x4 and 4x4 to 7 gallon transplant
AZOS- Claims: Nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Quicker Rooting, More Root Growth,
(I know this product from BrownGuy420- He used this a lot too.)
09:09 SilverBUllet: Claims (Sulfur product): "Terpene Enhancer", "promote structure and growth in veg. stage", and used for "IPM"
09:48 "Root life", "key to kelp", "key to uptake"; any knowledge/feedback about using these products?

10:25 Anyone agrees with heavy Defoliate like they did? I will reference BrownGuy420 videos again. He use defoliate agressive too but not like these guys, I am not sure.

20:23 "Harvest More Scissor Scrubbers" - Wow I didn't know this product exist. Brilliant idea, I am home grower but, better than cleaning manually (I guess.. never used it)

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Louis Robles

You guys inspire me to grow to the next level !!! Amazing work i can only hope to work for someone that shares this same passion for growing quality medicine someday 🙏

Gary McKinnon

Amazing setup, i've never seen so many additives go into a grow, and all organic too.

Grove Bags

The episode turned out amazing guys! Shout out to the experts over at Garden First.

Growers Network

Thank you as well! We appreciate you :)


Watching this while living in Germany just hurts my soul :( its still illegal here. This is a dream for me and my heart just opens up seeing these people working together with great spirit and great happiness. I want to do the same :(

Bennick Clayton

Your new government gonna change that

Milan Čelko

Same feeling from Czech republick. Chiesel sound realy good.

Marlboro Matt

Just became legal in my state last year. It’s such a wonderful feeling being legal.

Topshelf 420

German with more than 4 years experience in indoor (soil/coco) and outdoor growing - photos and autos. No breeding experience yet besides a full run of seeds I got from a plant that hermied and created a new pheno (if you'd count that to breeding 😂).
I am willing to move to the USA or CA, if I get the chance to legally work in any company that is not a huge sellout with thousands of employees.
I am ambitioned and learned everything myself I got some stuff going on and my first small report on growdiaries now.

If any small company (I'm very interested in start-ups and small companies with less than 20 employees) I would be so happy to have a talk in Skype or discord. I tried to handle the authorities myself, to legally migrate to the English speaking part of Canada but it is impossible if you want to legally start in the cannabusiness.. you are only welcome if you're a doctor, engineer, teacher or craftsmen..


@dallimamma i would love to, it's currently pretty difficult 😂 also im not sure about moving to such far foreign countries. The company i will work for, Aurora, ist from Canada with Canadian growers :) its waay easier!

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