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Combat 2
Heroes of Might & Magic III Lyrics

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That is the music for those moments when the enemy is sieging your casttle and you only have 1 skeleton defending

Kelvin Kaw



@RadicaL3RuN The plan can be a hit or miss at times.


@SpiritWildfireGaming and you managed to save the castle from the siege of 10 scorpenas


I usually put a lot of units (although weak), blind the ranged unit of the enemy and just stall for time so my defense towers can either lower the army or defeat it.
Somehow it works.


4 stacks of 1 skeleton to avoid the chain lightning smash, or 7 stacks of 1 skeleton for the ultimate troll defence.

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Sandro cast 'Chain Lightning'. 72 creatures perish. "Fuck"


This music on while facing an enemy army that outnumbers your best hero....

Yannick Dupeyron

@ThatDudeWeLove the basics .... dude, of course !
And you finish the battle with "blind" on the last creature + clone your archangels to resurrect the dead allied troops.


Castle vs Dungeon that out numbers your best hero. Hardest fight I’ve been in a while. Kill those damn dragons, and still have the Minotaur Kings, and Scorpicores tear through everything that isn’t your Archangels. My units took heavy losses. My griffins were wiped out quick. My Archangels carried that fight. Luckily the computer stacked an Overlord, and not a Warlock.

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