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Heroes of Might & Magic III Lyrics

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J.D.K I knew a man, made a heavy move He shot his…
Malfeitor I ran through the trees and the woods in the…
Pettalom "Amen, Cristian priest!" Listen these shadows words Lo…

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Long story short, I usually don't "know" what my odds are – I often estimate them. As you guessed, determining whether or not I can win a battle comes from years of playing Heroes III and taking lots of battles, both good and bad. Even now, I sometimes underestimate the strength of opposing armies and whether I can successfully beat them (and with acceptable casualties).

I wish I could give you a good answer for your last question, but I'm afraid that I don't have a one-size-fits-all guideline that helps me determine whether I can win a battle or not. For the most part, I look at fights on a case-by-case basis and I check four factors: my hero's army, my hero, what units I'm up against, and how many of them I'm up against.

For example, if I see Lots (20-49) of Lizardmen guarding a Treasure Chest and a Campfire, then I'll assume that there would be somewhere around 20 Lizardmen because the combined value of a Treasure Chest and a Campfire is relatively low in most random map templates. Given that these creatures are Lizardmen, my main worry is that they're ranged units – I should be prepared to lose at least a handful of low-level units if I take that fight. But beyond this, their stats are not particularly high, and they have no other abilities that I need to be worried about.

Then I look at my army – basically, do I have any stacks that hit hard enough to kill the Lizardmen? Also, do I have any fast units that can get across to the other side of the map and prevent the Lizardmen from firing long enough to let my stronger stacks make it to the other side? Afterwards, I check out my hero (Primary Skills, Secondary Skills, and Spells) and determine how useful they'll be in the fight. Once all of these factors are accounted for, I decide whether or not the fight is doable, and also whether or not the reward for risking such a fight is worth it.

Note that all of what I've said is "theoretical". What matters most is what happens in practice, which is seldom the same as what you might expect in theory. Furthermore, this is just one example – imagine going up against Tier 3+ units, or against melee units, or against a higher quantity (such as a Horde) of monsters. Obviously, you would have to adjust accordingly based on the situation. The possibilities are endless, and that is the beauty of Heroes III.

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plays dungeon, uses angels and mages to win...great job!


for us noobs, can you eventually start a series where you play all/some of the ''storymode'' campaigns?

JohnB Plays

@TheKnownWorld Unless he is talking about the Heroes Chronicles series, maybe?

Gokul Sivakumar

You and meridian.. it s all I need in my life..😘🤣🤣😍😍😍


+Rougie Thank you for noticing! I don't mind promoting Meridian in particular. We have been in contact a number of times now, and I know that he has content that viewers from this channel would be interested in seeing. :)


+TheKnownWorld So nice of you to promote other youtubers. I'm actually pleasantly surprised. I like you, good sir ^_^.


+MySpeedmetal While I could do this in the future if there is a good amount of demand for it, I note that there have been a number of Heroes III YouTubers who have taken this route already. Perhaps I might interest you in the videos made by Meridian (, who has already taken the liberty of doing all of the Heroes III campaigns and is now working through the HotA missions as well.


Starts with 69 Trogs ;^)

Code Magenta



@Charles Lee Excuse us -- we're just making immature jokes.

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