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Heroes of Might & Magic III Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Simonsis 13

Thanks for these videos, thats exactly what ive been searching for, since i started playing this game. I think level 5 Creatures are also possible, once i hat thunderbirds.


Hey! Thanks for the feedback! Glad you found this useful! Yes, you're right, level 5 creatures are also possible, I realized I made that mistake after I uploaded the vid :)


Hey guys, just wanted to apologize for the sound quality. After rewatching the video I noticed that there are some sound bugs that I didn't catch before I uploaded the video. Still new at this lol. I will do my best to make sure that doesn't happen in future videos. Thx for watching!


After 2 years of just mucking about HOTA I finally am looking to getting into PVP. (as most of us I have been playing H3 since it's release but ony vs AI) My all time fav town is Dungeon and these videos of yours are PURE GOLD. Insta sub. Looking forward to more of your content. Thanks a bunch.


Thanks for the kind words, and good luck in your games!


I just found your video! Super helpful! I will binge on your content in the following days that is for sure.


Cheers! Glad you're finding it helpful :). Feel free to follow me on Twitch if you haven't yet - there you'll have a chance to see me put all this stuff into practice in actual games against other people.

Gudlaugur Robertsson

1,5 speed is nice while watching this.
good information but taking allot of time pausing and re explaining over and over the same thing.

M M.

very impressed by the explanations there. i played the game a bunch when younger now playing with a friend to relax but both being competitive, your vids are great to get some insides in the ways of the pros (when we play jc we broke at 221 roughly :D)


@Alex_The_Magician thank you for helping ;)

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