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Castle Town
Heroes of Might and Magic III Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Capitol town with full castle upgrade, but only level one mage guild. Who needs spells anyway?


@Shadeadam32 right you are


@xyber6 town portal is only in level 4 guilds so its even worse


Dont you need at least a level 2 mage guild to unlock gates?

router / that awkward translator guy

>be me
>play till month 4
>jesus christ this game took me 3 years to develop
>mfw only 6 archangels
>thats alright i'll get more
>realise i can't learn town portal here
>basic earth magic


I didnt even notice that :D


Ahh yes.. the fancy looking resource silo :P


@GmodPlusWoW It contains wood and ore

Colonel Burton

And I always thought that the "Training grounds" looks like a train station.


The real question is whether the silo contains salt or pepper.

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