Hexenhaus Lyrics

[Music : M. Weard / Lyrics : T. Lundin]

[Lead : Mike]
Weighed down with intuitions under waves of anguish and fear
Our future world is bequeathed a legacy of evil pressage to bear

We must gather our thoughts - Prepare to face a forthcoming fall
Death is life close at hand - A nessecary measury, unleash this call

Pay heed to premonitions - Reveal clear facts to save mankind
Mother earth we've inherited from ancestors time out of mind

Drems of love are shattered - Submission to folly has led us astray
The calm before the storm rearrange what makes man decay

Let's call the awakening
Let's call the awakening

[Lead : Mike & Marco]

We dwell within the measurable (distance of ruin)
Behold the hatred among us all
Twilight, descending from above (seek your shelter)
Beyond the horizon of time

Weighed down with intuitions - Reveal clear facts to save mankind
Our future world is bequeathed - From ancestors time out of mind
Dreams of love are shattered - Prepare to face a forthcoming fall
The calm before the storm - We ought to obey this exhortation

Let's call the awakening

"In the hands of a child lies the age of tomorrow
A guidance to our future through sadness and sorrow"

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Comments from YouTube:

yolo 13456

Wow technical thrash metal old school rules !!!!!!!!!!!

The Green Dragon Inn

yes it does. even in its best days thrash never got mainstream except for metallica which quickly became non-thrash after they got famous, and megadeth who is more melodic, some thrash elements


Mike Wead is too good

Samuel Pelletier

One of the best albums of progressive thrash metal the riffs just more better !!💯🤘


absolute masterpiece that I am still listening to after all these years

The Green Dragon Inn

superior thrash. bands either got too brutal and became death metal, or they rurned melodic and turned gay. very few bands stayed true to thrash form

Matthew Darby

This reminds me of a technical version of Candlemass, circa ChapterVI. Same label and fellow countrymen.

Alessandro Ricardo

Uma excelente proposta de álbum!!!
Muito bom mesmo!!!!

The Green Dragon Inn

Necronomicon Ex Mortis - The book of the dead


Masterwork of its age.

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