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by HeyLasFas!

It pains me to see her
Disheartened by that power
With not much left I could do

I hear the calling
Of country in confusion
Without direction left unheard

I know, it's risky
But she's damn near perfect
Remove her crutches
Keep her from branching out

I want to protect them
But don't they know she's worth it
To bear a jagged road ahead?

For now, they're worried
I've too much faith within her
I hear them chanting...

“Who's really in control here?”

I hoped I never had to say
Your five friends are still in the way
Distractions only lead astray
I'm sorry there's no other way…

I'm sorry.
I didn't want it to come down like this.
I'm sorry.
I'd rather have myself to blame.
I'm sorry.
I never wanted it to end like this.
But if you were in my position
You'd do the same.

I know that she'll forgive me...
I hope that she'll forgive me.

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