High Society Collective Lyrics

What makes you think that I would go and love somebody else.
Your love has been my devotion, as I seek to learn all of you.
Oh don't you go, don't you go thinking, that I would go change
You've filled my heart's desires since the day I took your hand
So baby hold on, to what we have, this house we built can withstand the floods.
'Cause what we share is deeper than the ocean floor, but higher than the sky above

And baby I love you, more than words can show.
And baby I love, and I'll spend my whole life proving it to you.
So won't ya come a little bit closer, let me show you how I feel.
From your hair down to the clothes you wear, it's got so much appeal.
Oh don’t you see just how much you excite me baby,
Ring on your finger now my love don’t linger,
'Cause I’ll let the whole world know just how I feel.

Baby I love you, more than I can say.
Baby I love you, and I want you to feel the same way too.
Baby I love you, let me show you tonight
Baby I love you, let me make you feel loved right here

So right now, all I want you to do is focus on this moment.
Nothing else matters, 'cause what we share is special
It's spiritual, the love that is built is high up in the sky
I'm high, drunk off your love I just embrace this love.

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