Fading Blues
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As I fall asleep
You burn down, down in deep
After all, you will know
I was more, I was warm to go
Come to find it's so wrong
But there's hope in us all
I'll fly up and stand tall

Over you
Over you

[Repeat entire song]

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Hird's song Fading Blues seem to convey a message of acceptance and moving on from a past relationship. The first verse, "As I fall asleep, You burn down, down in deep" suggests that the narrator is letting go of the relationship, while the other person is struggling to come to terms with it. The second line, "After all, you will know, I was more, I was warm to go" reinforces the idea that the narrator was ready to move on and explore other opportunities. The third line, "Come to find it's so wrong" may indicate that the other person realizes that the relationship was not right and possibly hurtful. However, the fourth line, "But there's hope in us all," suggests that there is still room for growth and change.

The chorus, "Over you, Over you," seems to be a mantra of sorts for the narrator, repeating the phrase as they accept that the relationship is over and they are ready to move on. The final line, "I'll fly up and stand tall," reflects the narrator's confidence in their ability to move forward.

In summary, the lyrics of Fading Blues appear to be about letting go of a past relationship, accepting that it may have been difficult, but finding hope and moving forward.

Line by Line Meaning

As I fall asleep
As I let go and drift away into a dreamlike state

You burn down, down in deep
You feel a deep and intense pain that eats away at you

After all, you will know
Eventually, you will understand

I was more, I was warm to go
I had more to offer and was eager to face challenges

Come to find it's so wrong
Realizing that something is not right

But there's hope in us all
Despite the challenges we face, there is always hope

I'll fly up and stand tall
I will rise above the struggle and stand tall

Over you
Moving on from you

Over you
Continuing to move forward and leave you behind

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Some commercials have some really good stuff going on!

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"keep Youi Kimi" jest weselsze... ale Jej głos i tak jest przenikający

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What a beautiful song


She has the coolest vibrato technique. EVER

Night Beats

I love this song

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@arxsyn she has a gospel/soul influence in her voice


The White Russian - Kahlua commercial featuring Jeff Bridges introduced me to this song.  I Love it!  Had to track it down!  Now I wonder what other good songs Yukimi Nagano sings?  :D

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Empire ants n after the rain

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