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「Id」 ~ Beginnings
Hiroki Morishita Lyrics

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Lupine Sword

That feeling, when you're creating your Robin for first time....


@Pepper True, it’s pretty fun
Awakening and Fates had more customization in facial and hair features than 3H
I like avatars but I get if people don’t too ya know?

FE in general also has great music, I love this theme so much 😊
Also the characters, ugh I can go on lmao


I know a lot of people dislike customizable avatars, but I gotta admit I really love creating a character. I loved my first robin ahaha


I wish that was something I could truly relive


That's it. I'm doing another play-through.

Erik Vandewe

It's very nostalgic, indeed. Is it really that long ago?

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zoey xcx

This game is my introduction to the Fire Emblem series. It hurts so good to hear this song. The times have changed and people have come and go. I’m not the same person, but this song remains the same. It never ages. 💖


I feel you there got awakening for my 11th birthday


Same goes for me. This game was also my introductions to the franchise as well.


I just noticed kellam is obstructed by lucina's Falchion. Great touch.

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