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Dry your tears love. This is not good-bye.
Hiroki Morishita Lyrics

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Damon Richardson

This is what makes Lucina's B support with her sibling so impactful. It starts off normally and then the moment she says that her sibling should try to use Falchion if she's dead, the music change hits really hard.

Damon Richardson

@Double flores That one made me respect Inigo as a character.

Double flores

I much prefer this playing when Inigo is speaking with his dad in support A. Granted Inigo’s dialogue is the same with all his potential fathers, but it really shows that beneath his chivalrous and happy go lucky attitude, there’s a guy who wants to have a good relationship with his family. It’s actually emotional.


Till this day whenever I hear this, it never fails to make me cry. Every. Damn. Time.

Double flores

When this starts playing, you know the support gonna get emotional. Inigo, Brady, Yarne, Nah, and Laurent, those supports got me in tears. Especially Brady when he thought his dad was gonna forget about him once his past self was born.

Lilian Achura

She lied.

Ruth Stewart

@Taha Mohammad meh. I think the devs just didn't want to write more supports.

Taha Mohammad

@Zakaria Boussaid also even when she does come back, she comes back with amnesia and everyone is in distress as wheather or not to tell her of her past. She can’t even support with chrom or lissa(frankly that’s dumb) showing that while yes she is back, things can never be the way they used to so it’s still really depressing

Zakaria Boussaid

Welllllllll she CAN join your party but i never let her bc i SAW her jump off that cliff she aint coming back


the most facts I've seen in the least words

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