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Hiroki Morishita Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Duty' by these artists:

????-????? Dare mo ga sagashite hoshigatte iru mono ?Sore? wa itsuka no…
Ayumi Hamasaki(浜崎あゆみ) 誰もが探して 欲しがっているもの 「それ」はいつかの 未来にあると 僕も皆も 思い込んでいるよね なのにねまさか過…
Frumpy After running and hiding and hurts from the war He thought…
Kulbir Jhinjer (DJJOhAL.Com) Yaaran kole tender aa nazaare lain da, sara din vehle…
Nils Lofgren I seem to turn My world all-around you I keep regretting I…
Roy Harper If the six billion On the planet To a woman Decided That…
浜崎あゆみ Dare mo ga sagashite Hoshigatte iru mono "Sore" wa…

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Comments from YouTube:

Joseph Stringham

You got to love that Kellam's face is covered.


Wtf are you even talking about? It’s just a suit of armor...

Richard Zambrano

Its almost as if they did it on purpose


Joseph Stringham Who?


For some reason, it gives off a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon vibe for me.


For instance in the save file selection screen!

Aidan Fire

my words. love the mystery dungeon soundtracks. especially infinity gates and super.


Reminds me more of Final Fantasy Tactics, to be honest. ^^" Then again, I haven't played PMD. ^u^

Alex Young

Holy shit I can HEAR IT!!


+Hawaiian Punch Yoshi
It has more a 'modern' PMD sound to it. Not as much like RRT, but definitely EoTDS onward.

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