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Hiroki Morishita Lyrics

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Skinless Vertigo is the leading force of will, as many paths…

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Comments from YouTube:


*places Lon'qu in the middle of an enemy horde* One turn later, all the enemies are dead.


Excellus: Earth! Punish these insufferable clods! Take this: DOUCHEBLAST!!!
* Tiki blocks the attack *
* Say'ri activates Lethality and blasts the douchebag to high heaven *


Owain: HAND... HUNGERS... [Lethality.] ...[Galeforce.]


@OmegaExalted also [Ignis]

Philly Grea

My character is so OP, every boss just runs into his death when he's trying to attack.


Sounds like my character from Fates.

Go Away

Ever since the middle of the game when I suddenly got the thought that I might have to fight myself I kept using other units than me and therefore always died and had to restart when he did get hit...

IschmarVI Mashups

Nothing better than Mage!Nowi on lunatic.

Ironclad Guildhand

Donnel is best dread fighter

Hadron V



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