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Oh it's not so bad Lissa. Just a healthy little walk!
Hiroki Morishita Lyrics

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Y'know, just a healthy stroll across the sea and into valm. By foot. Wait, hold on, I need to buy a brave sword. Let's just jog down to the center of the map thousands of miles away. Oh, it's not so bad, Lissa. Just a healthy little stroll!

shon the cat

Sure. A nice healthy walk across multiple continents and even through an ocean.


Volcano's, mountain ranges, canyon's, small islands, on the back of a Dragon god and all the while getting hunted by zombies and dark lightning

Pretty good exercise if you ask me


Gosh, I don't even know how many times I've fallen asleep to this song after a long session's-worth of playing this game. You've just beat a couple chapters, done some grinding for those units you use less that are becoming useful again, strategically given master seals and second seals to certain units, went through you ENTIRE inventory to make sure things are in check with weapon durability and such, and bought new weapons's been a long day....just sits there, making little pixelated Chrom run around the map a few times...leaning back thinking: "Should I continue to the next chapter or..." starts dozing off

Gaming will NEVER be good again

That was the big schmood while playing this game, minus the grinding


Someone put it into words!!


@TheBreakingBenny so much thought takes place while this theme is playing, haha


Looking through the Bonus Box for SpotPass characters to battle... these legendary heroes and villains, here and there...

Hmm, who can I fight next? I'm not going to recruit them, only Avatars and DLC legacy ones can join the team.


this track makes me kinda sleepy...probably due to associations of all the time I spent staying up late playing this game lol


Lol I just started playing Awakening and yeah it does

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