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Prelude ~ Ablaze
Hiroki Morishita Lyrics

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Just for the sake of crossovers:
Critical Quotes!

Phoenix Wright: OBJECTION!
Apollo Justice: I'm fine!
Athena Cykes: Show me the discord in your heart!
Maya Fey: Can we get food after this?
Pearl Fey: I'm doing this for Mystic Maya!
Miles Edgeworth: Show me your proof!
Franziska von Karma: You foolishly foolish fool!
Godot: This is my seventeenth cup!
Klavier Gavin: Let's rock!
Simon Blackquill: Pull your sword!
Bobby Fulbright: In justice we trust!
Luke Atmey: Zvarri!

To be continued...

(Some are a bit... cringy... but what are you going to do about it?)

IschmarVI Mashups

well, let me continue then (spoilers ahead below .. kinda)

Shulk: This is the power of the monado!
Reyn: Now it's Reyn time!
Fiora: Feel the weight of your existence!
Dunban: Dance with me!
Sharla: Headshot!
Riki: Riki show secret Nopon special move!
Melia: Manifest yourself!

Metal Face: Weak, weak and pathetic!
Dickson: You ready for this, small fry?
Lorithia: You will pay for your insolence!
Alvis: Resistance is futule!
Zanza: This is the power of a god!


Critical quotes for the original 12...

Mario: Let's a see how you take-a this!
Samus: Try me!
Yoshi: Yoshi Yosh!
Kirby: POYO!
Fox: I will trust my instincts!
Pikachu: PIKA PIKA!
Jigglypuff: JIGLOOO!
Ness: Time to PK Finish this!
Captain Falcon: Show me your moves!

Monado Boy

Joker: bet you didn't see this coming
Hero: Aaaaaa
Banjo: Gyahut
Terry: are u OK!?
Byleth: Allow me to demonstrate! (well duh)
Minmin: (what minmin says when she uses her final smash)
Steve: eating meat noise
SANS: you wanna have a bad time
Burn in hell
(the first four notes of megalovania)

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Paul TheBaron

Love how Kellam's face is covered. Forever in the shadows.




who is a kellam? is it a vegetable?

Mash duba

He will forever be in the shadow of Lucina's Falchion.

Sendy Lie

Chrom: Now I'm angry!
Lissa: You asked for it!
Frederick: Pick a god and pray!
Robin: You're finished!



Go Away

@DanDraco Wondered when that would come


Or for robin... "TIME TO TIP THE SCALES"


+asad siddiqui All the Ablaze versions are the versions you hear in combat.

Asad Siddiqui

lol. Ablaze is like the upbeat version when I now think of it...

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