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Jessi Alexander The milk is spoiled The clothes need a washin The baby's a…
Order Of The Fallen Nothing has been the same Since you've gone away and now I'm…
Quicksand To stand the test of time, To stand alone. To be without…

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Dedue: Your Majesty... Your Majesty!
Dimitri: Stop calling me that.
Dedue: Ah, thank the... No...
Dimitri: Dedue... It seems I will die...before I can get revenge for everyone...
Dedue: ...
Dimitri: My family, my friends, my home... Everything that truly mattered to me... I couldn't...
Dedue: You're wrong! Because of you, I was able to live on until today. You saved me. These past nine years... I am proud to have been at your side. It was a joy I never could have hoped for. Despite all, I count myself a lucky man.
Dimitri: Is that so? I see... I am glad...
Dedue: You must be weary, Your Majesty. Please...rest in peace.

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Sam van Esch

“Your path... Lies across my grave...” one of the harshest truths in the game, no matter which route you play.

Death by Konami

@Lily Not even close, Edelgard wanted to get rid of the crest stones. No crest stones, no crests, and no society where people are judged by what crest they have, if they have one (for proof see Sylvain's older brother Miklan, disowned, disinherited, and thrown out of his family because he was born without a crest).

Mecha Sans

@Elliot Johnston and she tried to kill herself


@Jobocite You could work on the second part of that description.
In both Crimson Flower and Verdant Wind, Edelgard and Claude respectfully see Rhea as a being who's not meant to be Fodlan's true ruler. She might be kind but that's just a façade hiding her loneliness. Rhea was the one sole member of the Church that was causing issues around the land when TWSiTD were just laughing at what's going on. Rhea was either unable to see the people's suffering due to the instability that comes from the corrupted crest system that needed to be removed and that caused Edelgard to announce her intentions to declare war against the rest of Fodlan or kept creating barriers that prevented Fodlan from opening up to outside nations like Brigid and Almyra and that caused Claude to see Rhea as a highly questionable and unworthy leader. Additionally, Edelgard's declaration of war was highly needed for Fodlan to survive even if it caused a lot of casualties. Had she not done what she did, TWSiTD would have done so without anyone being aware and Fodlan would have undoubtedly collapsed into darkness, as Claude (VW) and Seteth (SS) realize upon reading Hubert's letter after Edelgard's death. Claude even lampshades that Edelgard and the Death Knight/Jeritza were nothing more than pawns to TWSiTD making the two of them not even evil completely, just misguided and desperate.
While in Verdant Wind she doesn't get to admit the full truth thanks to a revived Nemesis and a revived army marching up against the monastery at a rapid pace, Silver Snow has Rhea admit the full truth behind her actions. Before losing control of her body, Rhea tells Byleth, Seteth and Flayn the reason for why Byleth's power and ability to survive came to be as this was something she never told anyone pre-time skip. During her S-Support, Rhea fully admits sadly that her inability to move on with life due to her loneliness and sadness of losing her mother caused her to view the revival of Sothis as more important than the welfare of the people she has to govern over. She admits that she made Byleth's entire life miserable (pre and post-time skip) because she failed to help her people in the present world as she was trapped in the past. Thankfully if you S-Support her, Rhea's finally able to move on from her past just like how Edelgard and Dimitri are able to mostly (if not completely) get over their darkness, and she's finally able to do what the other three Lords wanted to see, restoring a united Fodlan that's free of prejudice, free from nobles who cause problems to commoners, etc.

Max Richards

Tyranny is not protection, and targeting the dubstep mole people would be political suicide.

Kayden 21

@Elliot Johnston no no im pretty sure she just tried to kill him. Dont try and make unwanted murder a good thing

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Elliot Johnston

The way shadow is used in the reunion scenes is incredibly symbolic of what has happened to the house leaders over the past 5 years: First Dimitri is completely cloaked in shadow showing how he has allowed him self to be consumed by his own darkness and his desire for revenge. Secondly Edelgard is half cast in shadow symbolising how she has had to embrace the darkness but still has not allowed to to consume her while also symbolising that she alone knows what lurks in the darkness and is prepared to face in hence she is staring into the shadows when you meet her. Finally Claude stands awash in golden sunlight as byleth emerges from the shadows symbolising how he has been able to stand above the hatred and darkness that has consumed Fodlan but now with the return of Byleth he will have to face the reality’s of war and despair. Or at least that’s how I perceive it.

Rhett Mitchell

@SilentWarfarez that makes sense I guess? But Claude also hides a lot of who he is until after the war


That's a very nice interpretation.

Zachary Youngblood

Man, I guess I like my characters dark.

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