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L'évolution, finalement on l'a différée
Car le serpent s'est mordu la queue et l'a digérée
Le texte qui suit n'est pas plus qu'un constat
Des abus de déjà vu

Recyclé comme
La page que j

Overall Meaning

'ai déjà tournée
Je regarde le film se dérouler sous mes yeux fermés
Je sers de passerelle entre toi et moi
Esprit recyclé, je suis l'histoire

The lyrics to Hocus Pocus's song Recyclé seem to convey a message about the concept of evolution being delayed due to the cycle of repetition and the tendency to recycle the same ideas. The line "L'évolution, finalement on l'a différée" translates to "Evolution, finally we deferred it", suggesting that humanity has not progressed as far as it could have due to the repetitive nature of history. The metaphor of the serpent biting its own tail and digesting it symbolizes the self-destructive cycle humanity is stuck in.

The following lines "Le texte qui suit n'est pas plus qu'un constat/Des abus de déjà vu" translate to "The following text is no more than a statement/Of the abuses of déjà vu", further emphasizing the idea of repetition and the lack of progress. The line "Je sers de passerelle entre toi et moi" translates to "I serve as a bridge between you and me", suggesting that the artist sees themselves as a mediator between the past and present, recycling ideas from the past to bring them to the present.

Overall, this song seems to be a commentary on the cyclical nature of history and how it affects humanity's ability to evolve and progress.

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