Hogjaw Lyrics

D. Deluca, JB Jones

Copyright 2008 Swampjawbeamusic LLC

All your life just a regular guy, doin' the best you can
Sometimes it just ain't enough to fit into the plan
Always wondering what else is out there, what you want to do
I get the feeling more and more now, I been made the fool
They take you wrong, they call you names, say you don't even try
Back in the swamp I guess, nobody sees I ain't satisfied

(Chorus 1)
And I don't remember what it is they done to me
Too many mornings tasting last night's whiskey
Its gotta be something coming out from deep inside
There's more to life than this damn old 9 to 5

I'm not a judge or jury, and I could care less
But ever since I was a boy, I seen this concrete mess
I won't ignore this change in me, not for someone else
I Feel stronger than ever before, and I do this for myself
You can work your life away and never be your best
Or hold your head up high, Knock them off your chest

(Chorus 2)
And I don't remember what it is they done to me
Too many mornings tasting last night's whiskey
They bring you down; steal your mind one day at a time
Found out how good life can be when it's mine

God damned the workin man to be the corporate slave
You Settin' high in the tower, the workin man made
I know it's a fact because I see it day and day
And I Live week to week on my shitty ass pay!
Shitty ass pay
Shitty ass pay

They ain't gonna roll me
I'm my own man
Today is a new day
I got my ace in hand
(Guitar lead)

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Comments from YouTube:


One of the best songs for a little extra push when your doing PT!

Joseph Thiel

Stumbled on this. This is some good shit!!

Scott Mollyhorn

More to life than 9 to 5! FREAKIN GREAT!


Makes me feel like drinkin lol

John Doe

I can't believe i never found these guys guys till now. It's like Hank Williams Jr. meets Texas Hippie Coalition meets Charlie Daniels meets Pantera.

Temazos And Discapers

Menudo pasote de conciertaco el pasado domingo. Esta gente nos hicieron gozar como auténticas perras del desierto de Arizona. Crónica en nuestra web! :D

fer mudinyourface

love the cadence of this song

Dom Ryan

One of my favorite Hogjaw ditty's


Love it ,,,les paul+marshall =kick assness!!!

Jack Russell

I'm a Gibson man myself..So tired of everyone playing Strats..Les Paul was a great player and had many patents as well..Good call..

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