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by Homesafe

I'll waste another two years thinking of where I want to go with my life.
The tradition your seeking is taking me down a path that's overcrowded and unappealing.
I'm not who you are.
You told me this isn't how you planned your life to be.
Is it because of me?
I won't be sorry for something i'm not changing.
I need a little resolve in my life.
Yours needs fixing.
I found my purpose through ambitious decisions while yours has been a mystery.
I've grown up to find out that you can't let your guard down.
You've gotta' stick to what is true -with that I don't mean you.
I swear I won't need you.
Given everything i've got, I still have nothing to show.
Will you ever understand where I want to go and where i've been?
You left me out just to hang and dry.
You never cared at all.
I always wondered why.
I need a little resolve in my life.
I'll always wonder why.

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