A Knife in the Dark
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Gaming Muscle

Besides The Bridge of Khaza-dum, this is my favorite LOTR score. Gives me the good type of chills :D


I like the music for "The prophecy" And "Concerning Hobbits"

Dave Jellison

bruh - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKgaMsMHAH8&feature=youtu.be&t=128

Commander Z

We need The Silmarillion movie!


Yes we do.


Please no


@umbra insidiatori I second this, i dont think they would be able to do the book justice, with the descriptions of the Valar ect. A good deal of what makes stories like the Silmarillion special, lies in the mystery, which is a concept i feel many today dont understand.


@mpforeverunlimited Yeee he's actually dead now so this comment seem really disrespectful :l


​@umbra insidiatori Imagine making a movie featuring the lifespan of an elf. Like a three hour Life story-type movie but it's about Galadriel or one of the sons of Fëanor, and then one for Gil-Galad, then one for Thranduil, or, again Galadriel, then you've made a trilogy about all the three ages of Tolkiens legendarium xD Then you'l make a prequel-movie or two of the same story-format, but this time it's about Gandalf and Sauron, or better yet, Illúvatar himself, played by Morgan Freeman

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Nessa Gorneth

The scene when all the Nazguls come out of the dark and surround the Hobbits...Iconic

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