Isengard Unleashed
Howard Shore Lyrics

Solo [by Elisabeth Fraser] in Quenya:
Ar sindarnóriello mornie caita,
Ar ilye tier unduláve lumbule...
Chorus in Sindarin (ab 2.18):
rithannen i geven
thangen i harn
na fennas i daur
ôl dûr ristannen
Solo [Ben del Maestro] in Sindarin (ab 2.58):
i ngelaidh dagrar
ristar thynd, cúa tawar
dambedir enyd i ganed
si linna i 'waew trin 'ylf
Isto i dur i chuiyl
i ngelaidh dagrar
'And grey-country-from lies darkness,
and all roads down-licked (the) clouds...'
'Earth shakes
Stone breaks
The forest (is) at (your) door
The dark sleep is broken
The woods...
... have awoken
The trees have gone to war
Roots rend, wood bends
The Ents have answered the call
Through branches now the wind sings
Feel the power of living things
The trees have gone to war'

Writer(s): Fran Walsh, Howard Shore Copyright: New Line Tunes, South Fifth Avenue Publ

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Miguel House

2:17 Beautiful ;)

SymeonandLucie Brandt

For more of that content, listen to The Last March Of The Ents from the same soundtrack .

ArmYTB Chaine

Howard Shore contributed sooo mush to the magic of these movies...


Love 1:09 it's like descent to hell. The tone clusters, and 5/4 pulse. Howard Shore nailed the orchestration in this.

Michael Hammock

Love to hear Elizabeth Fraser's voice always and so happy she was a part of this amazing music.


1:20 😨

Christopher Thorkon

03:48 The moment the most powerful force on this planet is unleashed (water).



Amogh Coorg


Micaela Villalba


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