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by Howard Shore

text by PHILIPPA BOYENS, translation by DAVID SALO

Durin ku bin-amrad
Ugmal sullu addad
Ku bakana ana aznân
Undu abad
Ku ganaga
Tur ganâd abanul.

(( Durin who is Deathless
Eldest of all Fathers
Who awoke to darkness
Beneath the mountain
Who walked alone
Through halls of stone. ))

Durin ku bin-amrad
Uzbad Khazad-dûmu
Ku baraka Aznân
Ra karaka atkât
Ala lukhudizu!
Ala galabizu!
Ala ukratizu!

(( Durin who is Deathless
Lord of Khazad-dûm
Who cleaved the Dark
And broke the silence
This is your light!
This is your world!
This is your glory!
The Dwarrowdelf of Khazad-dûm! ))

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