The Crack of Doom
Howard Shore Lyrics

text by PHILIPPA BOYENS, translation by DAVID SALO

Anírach únad
Egor gurth hen
Han cenin vi chen lín
Egor ú-erin le devi
Tellin men achae
Brennin men anann
Rago! Ú-erich leithio,
Ú-erich o nin gwanno.

(( You want nothing more
Than this death.
I see it in your eye.
But I cannot let you
We have come too far
We have held on too long.
Reach! You cannot let go,
You cannot leave me. ))

- - -

text by PHILIPPA BOYENS, translation by DAVID SALO

Mi naurath Orodruin
Boe hedi i Vín
Han i vangad i moe ben bango
Sin eriol natha túr in úgarnen
Sin eriol ûm beleg úgannen

(( Into the fires of Orodruin
The One must be cast;
This the price, that must be paid,
Only thus its power will be undone.
Only thus, a great evil, unmade. ))

Ú cilith 'war.
Ú men 'war
Boe min mebi.
Boe min bango.

(( There is no other choice.
There is no other way.
One of you must take it,
One of you must pay. ))

- - -

text by PHILIPPA BOYENS, translation by DAVID SALO

Dannen le
A ú-erin le regi
Rang ail le iestannen
Lû ail le tegin na hen.
Gwannach o innen ului
Ú lû erui, ului.

(( You have fallen.
And you cannot reach you.
Every step I willed you on,
Every moment I lead you to this.
You never left my mind,
Not once, not ever ))

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Comments from YouTube:

Яшумитсу Архивист Бездны

It's over, Sauron. Frodo has the high ground.

Alex Gamboa

Barad-Dur was so high up because Sauron wanted the high ground, but alas, Mount doom is higher

Jonathan Acosta

I always cry when Gandalf tears up at the sight of the great eye crumbling.


Amazing acting from McKellen. Every time I watch that part I think about how he feels responsible for sending Frodo and Sam to their death. There's so much relief in his eyes. He is proud of his brave hobbits :' )

Proud heretic

Don't you let go! Don't let go... REAAAAAAAAAAACH!!!

Atom Point0

"I can't carry the ring, but I can carry you!"

MRP 22

“I can’t throw it in for you, but I can throw you!”

skekSo the Emperor

The realm of Sauron is ended.

Julian Lujan

The ring bearer has fulfilled his quest

War of Luminance and Darkness

The most dramatic and emotional part of the movie, pure epicness!

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