The Grace Of Undomiel
Howard Shore Lyrics

text by PHILIPPA BOYENS, translation by DAVID SALO

Ngîl cennin eriel vi
Menel aduial.
Glingant sui mîr
Síliel mae.

(( I saw a star rise high in
The evening sky.
It hung like a jewel
Softly shining. ))

Ngîl cennin firiel vi
Menel aduial.
Dûr, dûr i fuin
Naenol mae.

(( I saw a star fade in
The evening sky.
The dark was too deep and so light died
Softly pining. ))

An i ú nathant
An i naun ului
A chuil, anann cuiannen
A meleth perónen.

(( For what might have been
For what never was
For a life long lived
For a love half given. ))

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James Model

The Crownless again shall be king 👑


Reforge the 🗡

J.S. Klingemann

79 Orcs disliked this video. How can anyone dislike this??


Darkness lies heavy in the hearts of some men....

Tim Daugaard

It's like you said. They're orcs: they don't appreciate beauty.

Iko Andreas


Andrea Kent

Orcs don’t need a reason to hate what’s beautiful, pure, and good.


They are upset they lost their singing voice

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4:29 for me this is the BEST Score in all cinema history.

Daniel Vestholm

The city of KINGS!

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