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Of cilde tó menn
?at hé his déa? geséo.
[Old English]

Overall Meaning

The lyrics "Of cilde tó menn ?at hé his déa? geséo" translate to "From child to men, that he must face his death" in modern English. The lyrics are part of Howard Shore's song, The King of the Golden Hall, which is featured in the score for the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. The song is played during the scene where King Théoden of Rohan is released from the evil influence of Wormtongue and regains his strength and purpose.

The lyrics suggest that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, must eventually face death. This idea reflects the themes of mortality and the cycle of life and death that are present in The Lord of the Rings. The song also serves as a representation of the transformation of King Théoden from a weak and feeble ruler to a strong and confident leader who is ready to face the challenges ahead.

Overall, The King of the Golden Hall is a powerful piece of music that captures the essence of the film's themes and storylines. The lyrics, while simple, carry a deep meaning and add to the emotional impact of the scene. The song is a testament to the genius of Howard Shore and his ability to create music that connects with audiences on a deep and emotional level.

Line by Line Meaning

Of cilde tó menn
From youth to men

?at hé his déa? geséo.
That he may see his destiny.

In the land of the ancient
From a place of old traditions

The bravest of warriors
Comes the strongest and the mightiest fighters

The lightning bolt strikes
As the thunder roars

The King of the Golden Hall
The ruler of the great, golden palace

His' eyes fierce and bright
With a gaze so intense and luminous

As sunlit clouds
Like bright clouds under the sun

Reflected in his eyes
That reflect his power and glory

And thus he spoke
And thus he declared

All shall fade
All things shall pass away

All shall fade
Nothing will last forever

The King of the Golden Hall
The great ruler of the golden hall

Will only stand the hall as the eternal witness of times gone by

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