The Siege Of Gondor
Howard Shore Lyrics

text by PHILIPPA BOYENS, translation by DAVID SALO

Ristais dúath
Nerchennin o chuil
Coll am.
Na waewath goeyl.

(( Shreds of shadow
Torn from life
Borne aloft
By fell winds. ))

Tellin i Neder
Gurth renia.

(( The Nine have come.
Death has taken wing. ))

Meditha han phan,
Meditha ardhon.

(( He will eat it all,
Eat all the world. ))

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Comments from YouTube:

Proud heretic

Denethor: Say not that he has fallen!! Gondor Soldier: They were outnumbered, none survived. Orc Commander: Fear.. the city is rank with it hehehehe... Let us ease their pain... Release the prisoners. Orc: Catapults!!! Denethor: My sons.. are spent. My line has ended! Pippin: He's alive! Denethor: The house of Stewards has failed! Pippin: He needs medicine my Lord! Denethor: My line has ended!!!! *Sees an army of 200,000 Orcs below* Rohan... has deserted us. Theoden's betrayed me! Abandon your posts! Fleeeee! Flee for your liiiiives!!! *Staff smack* *Audience in theater cheers* Gandalf: PREPARE FOR BATTLE! ALL MEN TO THE WALLS! DEFEND THE WALLS! RETURN TO YOUR POSTS! SEND THESE FOUL BEASTS INTO THE ABYSS!!!

Bernardo Zanchin


Joe Fidell

3:13 love that gondor twist to the music as they counter with their trebuchets

The Talking Green Box

I love it too because the music just screams “it’s fucking on”


Motifs, all great soundtracks have them

Bronwen Jones

Gandalf was probably the only person there who had his shit together XD

Ben Scott

i quite agree

Alex Casares

4:12 Goes with Everything.

Kiran Kumar

3:42 that’s when it all begins

Alex Casares


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