The Tomb of the Stewards
Howard Shore Lyrics

text from J.R.R. TOLKIEN, adapted by PHILIPPA BOYENS, translation by DAVID SALO

Edrochant e
Na nagor,
Ed nan gurth.
A e gladhant
An e naun ad neth
(( Forth he rode
Into battle,
Forth into death.
And he laughed
For he was young again. ))

A naun aran
Hir gwaith beleg.
Sui orthant vegil ín
Vi'las beleg
Ortholl gurth.

(( And he was King.
The Lord of a great people.
And lo!
Even as raised his sword
In great joy,
Death came on. ))

Anann si lostar
Nu lae vi Ngondor
Sí lostar na hír veleg,
Mithrin sui nîr, thiliol celebren,
Ta geliant caran,
Púrinnen na hereg

(( Long now they sleep
Under grass in Gondor.
Sleep now by the great river,
Grey as tears, gleaming silver,
Red then it rolled,
Dyed with their blood. ))

Lachant ned annûn
Úrianner i eryd
Sui ros garan dannant
Or pheli Pelennor.

(( Flamed at sunset;
The mountains burned;
As red dew fell
On the fields of Pelennor. ))

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Comments from YouTube:

zan ponlapat

3:29 the Nazgul theme i'm looking for.

Sultan de los estupidos

This is my hour


2:04 Anyone knows what theme (or variation of theme) this is? Also at 0:40


2:04 That's my favourite, i always imagine fall The White Tower of Gondolin, at ancient times...

zan ponlapat

Sauron/Mordor's theme mixed with the Ring's Motif.