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Chi Lun
Huan Zhu Ge Ge Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Starry✨ Starry✨ Night

Cheong Yao is one hell of a writer.....! This is one of her best works....! 👍😊❤️

Τζέσυ Ραντίν

Wonderful drama and good actress and actors, well done!


Reminiscing the old times during my elementary school lol

Macecelia Julao

Because of the issue regarding my favorite Phenomenal Superstar Vicki Zhao Wei.,I searched and watched again her Phenomenal Cdrama..My Fair Princess.

Katy Casona

Bruh it's really easy to say "I'm not your daughter" why did she have to steal someone's identity ><


How straight can you think when you’ve just recovered from an intense fever?

Sara Seu

I think it's because she heard the what the empress said about the punishment if she's proven not to be the princess. And of course a little greed because she's never been treated so well before.

yuli setya

10 years old me hate the empress so much, she's jus pure evil in my eyes, but now I understand why she did what she did


現在看 覺得皇后人不錯啊🤣

renee zeng


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