Real Me
Huey Mack Lyrics

Yeah you probably heard my name, but you don't know shit about me
I got Huey Mack off video game and y'all don't know shit about Joey
That's the real me
Started making music as a joke
No I don't lift, but all these singles got my name
Getting your shit, I get paid now
But I had days when I ain't had no bed to lay down
In a little brick house with my mom and sis
And my pops just ain't coming around
Now people think I'm famous, but I come home to the same friends
Still go to the same bars, if you see me then I'll shake your hand (Ah)
My mother just got diagnosed with cancer and sometimes I pray to God
But I feel like He never answers, cause I always get the bad and then the good and then the bad again
But I pay my rent and my girl a 10, so I guess good things are happening

Yeah, I got women, yeah, I got money
Yeah, I've seen the country, yeah, these people love me
But that isn't the real me, no that isn't the real me
Yeah, they see these crowds and now they come around
Yeah they love me now, but who'll be there when I'm down?
I wanna get a real me, just wanna get a real me

Got a girl now and I love her, never felt that shit before
I won't lie when I say I don't know what I'd do if I ain't have her
Got a dad I never met, shit I've never seen a picture
Almost died last year in a car wreck and I'm lucky to be alive
But you can take the car and leave the scars but you'll never stop my drive
Yeah, that's the real me
Get fucked less if you feel me
Not cocky but I'll probably get a hundred deals off this CD
Yeah, rather you know me for somebody that I am
Instead of living my life just like a scam, damn
That's why I write these songs, ain't just trying to pass time
Just trying to have something that can live on and past the test of time
So fuck that shit, get told
I don't gotta rock a chain because my heart is full of gold
But still I always get the bad and the good and the bad again
But I pay my rent and my girl a 10, so I guess good things are happening

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Comments from YouTube:

Lil Sokz

im so sorry to hear about your mother! never give up and keep fighting hard! 

Blake Smalls

@***** yeah and the cancer just came back recently i believe 

Jacob Staude

@***** bro his mom's been battling cancer for the past few years and even as a kid. He mentions it in his songs all the time.

Matt Vee

probably one of my favorite songs of yours

Noah Cook

Whos listening in 2016


So damn glad I found out about you last year


"yeah i got money".."yeah i women"....why you always lying

Yeah I women?... Turn up your hearing aide and listen to the song.

Alex Crowe

this is the best music video ever



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