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by I.O.N

Why'all want to flay ruff?
Huh, that's how I do man, that's how I do, aight
For FUN, Hahahahahah, T.W.IsM.

(Shaquille O'Neal)
I get deeper then the fire thin
Why'all want to riot?
It's like a rifle without the firing pin
In the hire wiring in to all my men's
Who retired from the Spiring Inns
Better call your next of kin
They recommend me to wreck men's
Not one or two clips I stretch ten
My weapons my game, my world, and mind alone
And you couldn't be hard if you wrote your rhymes with stone
Any criticism take it to the crib for some ism and twist em
I shine like ?pea-fogs? in prison that's T.W.IsM.
Shaq dog the rap dog duck all punks and shatter back boards
Matter-a-fact why'all, I take advantage, I'm taking chances making advances
While you sit, waiting for answers, wha-wha
True ballers see paper like typewriters
The rest think why'all bullet proof like nightrider

(Chorus: Clark Kent)
Yo while you spectate we stay getting cake
I regulate and keep fate cause in they place
Yo I'm on a chase for the pa-per, the caper
Get it - stretched out
And found taped up

(Sonja Blade)
Spit ya - cause when I pitch .. ya wrist get slit
One hit from my grandma your banana get split
And get this, I display words to slave you herbs
Got them screaming "Sonja Blade you've got a way with words"
It's like I strike again blow you away like kites in the wind
And hard men with my sharp pin
Who rock the spot?
I've done it, you hollering about
Want the war but none of why'all worth the dollar or amount
See chicks want none of this if you do confront it
I peel hundreds while you things only keep one stick it blunted
So why'all gorilla looks I don't fear those
Cause I go thirty-two rounds like a Tech with air holes
So t-knock your z-rocks you can't rap with me
Cause I'm Big-ger than Lez in this +Rap City+
No, see what face, smoke an else to the rose
Sonja Blade choke chicks like Sprewell did coach

(Clark Kent)
Yo while you spectate we stay getting cake
I regulate and keep fate cause in they place
Yo I'm on a chase for the pa-per, the caper
Get it - stretched out
And found taped up

(Shaquille O'Neal & K-Raw)
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 tick, tick, tick BOOM
Why'all gon mess with me for the last time
It's a bomb in your speakers
Get your - out RIGHT NOW!

(Shaquille O'Neal)
You could be the one that inflict they defeated they run
Believe me many seen it done from O'Neal
The raw deal draw steel
And we can take it to the street for the sport it's all real

(Sonja Blade)
Uh take the residents from the president
Make his state evidence
For pape's we never hesitant
Red-Rum regiment strictly "Moe D" and "VI"
The "No-T" the take care of "BI"

We blade the "GI" resting A-Xin
Deranged the one day thought was about to change

(Sonja Blade)
Roll with those who hold bottles
A whole lot of follows cause they know dough
And think you a role model

They want to give you dumb looks
Lyrical gun books never did one juke
And the crew had one crook

(Sonja Blade)
Son, look before you split the Dutch
I get you touched by everything you kick with the... you bust

(Shaquille O'Neal)
Uh-huh, wha-wha-wha-wha
T.W.IsM., Red-Rum, Clark-world
Big Cuss, "Dirt", Ken Dawg
Wha-wha-wha-wha, Sauce Money
World is mine uh-huh wha-wha, wha-wha

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