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by IZZ

here it comes now
beginning, the living
can you hear it?
can it be possibly coming?
will it be here to stay now?
only if we allow...
a thousand wond'rous ways
to them deceive the lie
drowning in your dreams
never knowing why
dancing with the flame
they will know your name
we stand with empty hands
and scream into the night
each day upon the stage
into blinding light
hiding in the deep
secrets we will keep
distant memories
fading far from view
forever is the child
waiting there for you
they don't need to know
just put on a show
your mind sees the change
remembered thoughts are deep
down the virgin river
awaken to the sleep
they don't need to know
just put on the show
walking through rays
quenching my mind
the flooding risk of deception
thinking no thought
easing my pain
shielding the rain
more subdued tones
tones for everyone...
you give me familiar songs
but it's too bad, just too bad, no one's different
few are waiting for, what i'm waiting for...
it's too bad...

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