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Symphony No. 6 Op. 173
I Fiamminghi & Rudolf Werthen Lyrics

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Roy Posner

Some of my favorite pieces by the marvelous Armenian American composer Alan Hovhanness:
-(this piece) Celestial Gate - a tour de force; a trip. This piece is magnificent; beautiful, so precious
-Mysterious Mountain - first and last 5 minutes are some of the most magnificent chords I have ever heard.  Mysticism personified.
-Hymn to Glacier Peak - Soaringly beautiful
-Concerto #8 - my current favorite of his. So well done. So unique.
-Loon Lake - a magnificent nature journey
-St. Gregory - holy
-Alleluia and Fugue
-Khrimian Hairig
-Cello Concerto
-The Spirit of the Trees
-Christmas Symphony

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Roland Buck

The Twentieth Century is over and the stifling atonality, serialism, and developments stemming from it are on the way out. In the 21st century it is once again acceptable for composers to write music that is beautiful, spiritual, consonant, and tonal (in the broad sense of having a tonal center). In light of this it is high time that Hovhaness finally receives the recognition he deserves as being one of the greatest composers of the 20th century.

Jan S.

@JAKKO That is too simple. The socialist realism of the East was against atonalism and pro romanticism. Atonalism is the cultural marxism of the West in music.

joe curtin

@none I question the talent of many new music composers, I think Philip Glass and Steve Reich suck, also Robert Gordon, David Lang, etc. Composers doing standard minimalist stuff get popular mostly because they are simplistic and audiences love simplistic. There are many current composers doing serious and compelling work. I still listen mostly to early 20th century stuff though.


@Ashouraita Khoshaba There is far too much wrong with Schoenberg.


@joe curtin "New" music is a lie. There is no art in being "new." Writing "new" music is the easiest thing to do. No one gets to question your talent or ability.


It always was. Certain people worked very hard to erase them.

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I swear this is like finding a wonderful restaurant that you never get tired of. I've just stumbled upon Hovhaness and wow. Each piece just speaks to me. 

Sandra McPherson

Interesting that you see the restaurant context---when I was a student in Seattle we could see Hovhaness at a table in a café, where he could easily compose, I understand.


Yes, to me Hovhaness' music is food to the soul! 

Alvart Apoyan

What a world

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