Bad Apple
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Wake up jump ship, get out of bed. Now you’re looking with eyes in the back of your head. You split the seams and you don’t care. Warfare! Shedding the skin above it. Like a featherweight contending with a heavyweight, the game is rigged. The challenge is pretending. To hear the roar of the crowd, you take a fall before the bow. Now you resemble a clown. You are the apple I despise. [I am the snake inside your mind] Just break a branch and take a bite. [You left the window open wide] Not far from rotten still the sweetest in the bunch. You are the apple I despise. Hand held microscopic, plans of endangered logic. Praise all praise your one way manner, force fed subject matter. To celebrate is to mourn. Like a calm before the storm, you died the day you were born.

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Eri The_Edgelord

Its sad how this has only one like I really like this song

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