Downtown Crier
Ideamen Lyrics

I know we were talking, that it was not your calling. To jump when the bells ring, or holler when there’s trouble, holler when there’s trouble. I warned you to keep clear of giving yourself away. ‘Cause people will know what you’re all about before you even speak, before you even speak out. It’s like a stain that you cleaned, or you thought damn spot be gone. Still they chew you up. Sour grapes. But it’s obvious to the oblivious, no. You’re kind of crazy. Awful way of living, to sit on so many fences and hate what you see down on either side. I shudder when I see, I shudder when I see it. I can’t solve your problem. I can’t even tell you mine. I jump when the bells ring, and holler when there’s trouble. But there is always trouble. Downtown crier.

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