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A Fragile Reflection
by Ideas

The light is reviving and the fog is lifting
I feel as if I was dreaming,
My figure enters by the door,
And I'm advising it.

I step closer, I'm reaching out my hand,
But the reflection flies away, tell me why?
Do our auras attract each other repellently?

I'm leaving now and follow my only mate,
Because in the fog the others disappeared,
I'm feeling them, in my soul constantly,
And I'll meet'em in a new infinity.

I'm glad to be in this company,
After the torture of loneliness,
So I must protect this fragile face,
'cause I want our soul to interweave.

A huge bubble is embracing us,
It seems as if we were becaming one,
And rising high, and looking at the ocean.

Fantasy has made for me a pious world,
Because this is also me,
Reality calls me, but maybe now I'm part of it.

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