Blue Head
Idiot Flesh Lyrics

The time is now, and it's just another time.
The moon is full, and it doesn't mean a thing.
This song is an ancient one, it's older than the rocks.

Nothing new ever happens in the world today.

Endless is the number of moves that don't exist.
There's a shaking shell of index fingers,
There's a trigger on the gun, a smile on the face.
Nothing new ever happens in the world today.

Submit to the cavernous yield of the Blue Head.

There's one tin horn, played proud for the ones who died.
Another tear is shed as the dragon picks his teeth.
Once again the jester laughs from the mouth of an infant child.
Nothing new ever happens in the world today.

Submit to the cavernous yield of the Blue Head.

Thrill with us to yesternow, win some awards in neverwhere.
Trade in your old gods; maybe you could be Catholic,
If you have the money that you saved from the same job, baby.
You should change your name so it looks good on paper.
Buy some new clothes, maybe sleep with a Kennedy.

How very nice to be noticed, like everyone is noticed.
The shepherd of the lemmings on the TV screen.

Through all the glitter and smoke and sweat and dirt we march,
Uphill 'til we reach the bottom, plant flags to air our guilt.

We can't be late or all the masks we find won't fit.
Important gestures while we preach, question nothing that we teach.
And happily ever after remains just out of reach.

Contributed by Luke G. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Havent heard this in about 6 or 7 years. Just popped in my head and happy as hell you posted it.


thank you so much for uploading, i've been looking for an upload of this song on it's own for ages

Emily Farfadet

So sad- I can't get this song import off of my disc anymore. Such a great one.

emma couwenberg

What a whirlwind of research terms to find this song.

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