Dead Like Us
Idiot Flesh Lyrics

Ladies and germs as I've already said, you might as well stay ‘cause you're already…
Yes, your dead like us. Dead like toenails.

Leave your troubles at the door. They can't help you anymore.

You're dead like us. Dead like Hair.

Cross your eyes and wiggle your toes. Lean back and touch your fingers to your nose. Swear up and down that you never took a drink. Take ‘em to your grave and show ‘em what you think of their…

Worldly pleasures are all in your mouth, So come on baby we're all headed…
Look out, you're dead like us. Dead like candy.

Your work, your talk, your body don't do much good for you.
Send ‘em all back. The can melt ‘em down for glue.

Dead like us. Dead like gravy.

How I wish that the world had just one throat and my fingers were around it. I'm not mad, I'm not peessed, but you and me baby we belong deceased.

Cross your toes and wiggle your eyes. Lean back and put your head between your thighs. Swear up and down that you never took a dive. Take ‘em to a parking lot and show ‘em your more dead than a…

A live chicken is handy in a pinch. But give us your first born and man it's a cinch if your dead like us.

Dead like cornflakes.

Folks say Ambugotten is a-comin' But when the end-time comes I'm gonna be long gone. Dead like us. Dead like baby frogs. Dead like Freddy's backwards dog, yes we're dead like…

You guessed it, ladies and gentleman, dead like God. Thank you very much.

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Comments from YouTube:


Goddamn i wish these guys were still around. xD

My older brother dragged me to an Idiot Flesh show somewhere in Kansas when I was like ten years old. I barely even remember it, but we were toward the front I distinctly remember hanging out/dancing about onstage with the band and in doing so- receiving the title of "Youngest Honorary Filthy-Rotten-Excuse-Chicken".

At the time, i didn't think much of it- but in hindsight, it's probably some of the coolest interaction I've ever had with a band.


That rules! I was maybe 19 when I got to see em, wish I was ten!


I only wish I could have seen them live. So awesome.


I've been curious about that song... the album is definitely happening "soon" according to Nils. :)

Stefan Mattox

I'll never get to see them live. Far too short lived for such an amazing band.


Is there an album version of this song anywhere on YouTube? I'd like to hear a studio recording if one exists. I also know of one more video recording besides the ones on YouTube. There's a brief clip of them performing it in a 90s film about Burning Man. Can't remember which one, I think I saw it around '99 and it was an old documentary then.


Pretty sure this is how they marched into the club, atop 2 parralel bars that led to the stage, when I saw them in 〰️1995? One of my favorites ever.


The recorded version is on Fancy




Yes me too! that would be a wonderful evening !

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