Idiot Flesh Lyrics

Baby I've been watching you clean my floor

Baby I know cleaning takes up most of your time
Oh but girl, aren't you looking for some other kind of slime?

First you got to got to
Got to got to do the...
I'm dirty, dirty
So get me clean
I'm dirty, dirty
You know what I mean!

She got me so clean
I guess I'll pay my dues
She left me so hungry
Started eating my shoes
She said "Boy you can't eat those,
T-T-Try some of mine"
The she started cooking
I said "Baby that'll do just fine"

She turned the oven on
And I saw what she got
Then she started cooking
And I said "Oh baby, that's hot"
I'll let you taste it
But first you got to do the...

Ain't talking bout politics
Ain't preachin' morality

Said do you wear brown when you paint the town?
Everybody say "Fuck that!"

Dirty or not, here we come

It wasn't funky anymore

Well, she's a brick...

Contributed by Evelyn T. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

White Cheddar

This is the first song that got me into Idiot Flesh. Now I'm obsessed with this band.. 
I can't count how many times I've listened to this now and everytime I always hear something new.
Thanks for uploading this!


I've had this on vinyl since it came out. Probably have listened to it more than a hundred times or more. When Nils gave it to me (yes he gave it to me that's how cool he is) I never would have guessed how it would change my life and perception of music. Thanks ya Idiots!

Doc Ostego

I just received my copy of this Vinyl in the mail; it even came with the inner print with some of the lyrics and whatnot. I could get you the lyrics for your description if you'd like. Just message me and let me know.


that is some seriously funky shit

Opeth bleh


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