Idiot Song
Idiot Flesh Lyrics

The idiots are here and all they've brought is candy.
The idiots are here and all they need is love, love, love.
The idiots are here and no one can tell just what can be wrong.
But no one goes around like that no more.
The idiots have told us that our dress is fancy, and we can see that they are all as plain as day.
The idiots have told us that they could enjoy a dancing pig, but no one talks like that here any more.

"We are the idiots so do not fear.
We've almost no intention of settling here.
With buckets of candy and teeth in a jar, we were hoping to catch you at home.
We are the idiots and we don't care if you are addicted to these and these figures of speech that hold you upright in your chair.
We know nothing of this, we're here to fetch the dancing pig."

The idiots are gone and we give a toothless answer.
When questioned on the rate of growth and who's in charge.
The idiots are gone and everyone here has cancer now, and no one locks their doors here anymore.

New things in old packages, old things in new.
A parcel returned at the source, "IT'S FOR YOU."
Old things in new packages, new things in old.
A gift from an idiot thief can't be sold.

Contributed by Kylie P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I was showed an unmarked dubbed vhs of this video in 97 or 98 and it changed my life. Living on the East Coast without internet, it felt like a signal from another planet. It was Residents meets Punk in a carnival cabaret nightmare, which perfectly described where my head was at the time. And to a degree still is. Idiot Flesh instantly became legendary to my small group of musical weirdo friends. Since then I have followed the various incarnations by some of the members who went onto be Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and now Free Salamander Exhibit. Not everybody gets it and that's cool, but if you're wired a certain way, it's the best. Thanks for posting.


duaneshair it is very true. A couple of tracks from IF's unreleased final album are up on youtube. Search 'let the dog sing' and 'monkey'


Also the rumor at the time was that they had a finished album they never released. Same with SGM. Does anyone know if that is true?


they formed before bungle and both bands used to play in the same area/with the same side acts. clown rock was a thing. they were both aware of each other. i don't think you can honestly know if bungle was inspired by them or not. all i can say is, judging by the time period both bands started making music, and how totally similar a lot of their approaches and output were, they very likely inspired each other.


These guys were great, the most original band in a long long time AND they are the insperation behind other great bands like Mr Bungle! Thanks for posting this

Amanda Mullins

I absolutely adore this! Such great lyrics...


I love the credits. "The Improvisor," as Dan, "Captain Dragon," as Gene. Subtly brilliant.


I think I have footage from Idiot Flesh's performance in Arcata circa 1996 with Dogstar Communications. I'll see if I do and post it sometime in the future. Brilliant Band, and note that some of the members were also in the Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.

Dennis Bodine

I remember this from the CD release party at Transmission Theater. Great great shows, very sorry they are no longer performing.


I’m gonna reply to your comment so you can have a moment of nostalgia

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