Idiot Flesh Lyrics

Cradle to grave, think like a slave
Weak at the start, we're ripped apart
Even the strong don't take too long
Making it through what's left of you

Work like a dog, jump like a frog
Breaking the law, breaking your jaw
Flat on your back, your heart attack
Hole in the sky, no place to die
Everybody on the floor
Nobody gets out the door
If you're happy and you know it,
If you're dying show it with a twitch!

Women and men, we're tricked again
Up to our necks buried in sex
Some like it hot, some like it bought
Tear at the skin might let you in.

Here's something you can't ignore when life is a hole that you dug before.
Here's something you can explore when staying alive gets to be a bore.

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I saw them play this live many times in the late 90's. ....such a great track, composition and execution.

Limbless Traveler

I came back


This is version is different?

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