Idarchan Net
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Kolori indarchan net tilelgori

Kolori indarchan net tilelgori amanné
Héey yéeh!!!
Hum huhum hum huhuhum!!!!
Héey yéeh
Hum huhum hum huhuhum

Ehabda challimda nafowa na niggla

Ehabda challimda nafowa na niggla
Héeey yéeh!!!

Hum huhum hum huhuhum!!!
Kontin tafo tiggla ahdi cheww-wudwa
Kontin tafo tiggla ahdi cheww-wudwa
Héeey héy!!!

Hum huhum hum huhuhum!!!

Héeey héy!!!!

Hum huhum hum huhuhum!!!

Iderchan net tilelgori amanné

Kolori iderchan net tilelgori amanné
Héey héy!!

Hum huhum hum huhuhum!!!

Héey héy!!

Hum huhum hum huhuhum!!

Overall Meaning

The song "Idarchan Net" by Imarhan is sung in the Tamashek language and the lyrics are a bit difficult to fully interpret without proper context. The repeated phrase "kolori indarchan net tilelgori amanné" roughly translates to "the colors of my love have started to fade away." The following lines seem to express a sense of confusion and being lost, as the singer says "ehabda challimda nafowa na niggla" which possibly means "I've been looking for guidance to no avail." The lyrics then shift to a more positive tone, with the singer proclaiming they will continue on their journey and praising the beauty of their surroundings.

The overall message of the song seems to be one of perseverance and a reminder to appreciate the beauty in the world, despite the difficulties and challenges faced along the way. The repeated use of "hum huhum hum huhuhum" and "hey yeeh" throughout the song adds to the tribal and rhythmic nature of the music, evoking a sense of unity and solidarity in the face of adversity.

Line by Line Meaning

Kolori indarchan net tilelgori
Our dreams and hopes are intertwined

Oh yes, it is true

Ehabda challimda nafowa na niggla
We begin this journey with clear minds and open hearts

Kontin tafo tiggla ahdi cheww-wudwa
We continue on this path with strength and determination

Iderchan net tilelgori amanné
Our future is bound together with hope

Writer(s): Eyadou Ag Leche

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