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My Friend
by Imisi

stop youre complimising yeah.
cause you know His calling.
Ask Him in youre life today and you know longer be the same.
Youre sinner running lost my friend my friend, my friend

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Swizzla Kalongie

on Purity and truth

there's something you've got to know. without you I would be all alone. you're more than just my friend, you bring me happiness, I'd like to spend forever here with you.

cuz I want to show you that I respect to you in all that I say and I do. You love me and I want to love you in purity and in truth.
Jesus Christ comes first, me woman second, this is the style of the righteous man. listen all my people, listen fi me youth, follow what you know is righteous and true.

So you want to know the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The way I feel inside I can no longer hide this love I've got is certainly for you.

Chorus. Cuz I want to show you...

Love is more than just a feeling its an action that sets the soul revealing. With purity and truth will never ever lose this righteous love I know I can't refuse
I don't want to make no mess. my intention is love and holiness. I'm not going to play no games not going to waste no time this time I really want to do this right.

Chorus. Cuz I want to show you that I respect you....

listen up fimmi gyal mek me tell unnu d truth, mek we start this relationship, i man choose fi respect the precautions amd the rules, never rushing in too quickly like fools. yes it is what I'm feeling inside. this is the real thing not a joyride. to give you my heart yes it is my delight so you know that this love will last a lifetime