Imogen Heap Lyrics

Drifting through the atmosphere
And up on into space
Leave behind the morning city
In it's special place

Some flutterbies they enter and they
Play around in my soul
And once again part of me
Fills up to be whole
Da da day
Flying in my aeroplane.

Peaceful colours everywhere
Purples and deep blues
Feeling so at home here oh
As if up here i grew

It's so beautiful up here now,
Oh I think I might just stay
All alone and by myself
So free and far away

Da da day
Flying with my aeroplane

I can see heaven
Heaven down below
I look at heaven
And an angel who I know
I can see heaven
Heaven down below

Da da day
Flying with my aeroplane

Just happy to be me again

Contributed by Abigail Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Elmira Flower

Actually I like both versions equally, to me in the original song, she sounds a bit drunk or drowsy which just adds to the charm hehe. In this version, she sings it more clearly which I also like but both versions have charm anyway.


Where is the original?

Quentin H

Right? Like I thought she was sick the way she slurred and cut notes

Stunna Denae'

3:20 hits so hard for me because for a long time i wasn't myself & when i found myself again, it made me feel just like this.

Pollyana Polly

I feel so safe in her songs


this is so amazing. Best quality I have found of this song. This is one of my favs... then again.. I love them all uniquely. Her music really speaks to me. I love the way she thinks.



Lyle Miller

I very much like the Frou Frou sound. Thank you for sharing.


According to the wikipedia entry for Frou Frou: "The first official Frou Frou release was a remix of "Airplane" (renamed "Aeroplane") which the duo had completed for the Japanese re-release of Heap's debut album."

Maxile vonG

Thank you for this!! I've been searching for this for literally a decade

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