Closing In
Imogen Heap Lyrics

I can't wait
To be with you
No I just can't sit still,
Are we there yet?
Takes me back,
I remember
Such a magical place
It was so, you

Closing in
I hope that you make it
Closing in
I hope that you find your way

Frame by frame,
With speed ahead
The city dissolving,
The thread of your love in the headlights
Is it safe now?
Will your arms be open?
I just have to kiss you,
Try and stop me

Closing in
I hope that you make it
Closing in
I hope that you find your way
Closing in
It's all that I want in the whole world
Closing in
Please be there, please be there

What are you like?
Where did you get to?
Know what I think?
You didn't hold me, for any longer
What do you want for the fear of love?
Or don't you believe enough?
Well I'll cover both of us
You can leave that to me!

Closing in
I hope that you'll make it
Closing in
I hope that you find your way
Closing in, closing in.

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Her music is pure bliss and at the same time it's very emotionally charged. I don't know how else to describe it.

celest simmons

@One Two Exactly, this is perfectly said.

One Two

Spiritual; psychedelic ✝️


I love how this album is over a decade old and still sounds fresh and new. That’s really impressive for electronic music because it can get dated VERY quickly if you use any sort of “trendy” sounds in it.


1:45 I know people don’t tend to think of her as an incredible vocalist and focus more on her mind for production but that swap from head voice down to chest voice and right back up to head voice is masterful. I notice she does stuff like that a lot and people tend to overlook it. Controlled swapping like that is pretty much yodeling, which is extremely hard to do.


Nah - I mean as a writer myself, I love and appreciate her talents in that capacity, but I love her more by far as a vocalist.


This is, quite literally, the most beautiful song I've ever heard. Chills. Every. Time.

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@💰[F O K K//E V R ¥ B D ¥]💰 of course. now go and make some tunes.

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My dick is beautyful too

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