Propeller Seeds
Imogen Heap Lyrics

Propeller seeds
Corridor scene
Talk on, walk out
It took me a minute, my mind was on other things
Oh, you got me at Paris
I must be coming down with something to be thinking this

What's happening here?
I'm growing roots through my toes
And leaves from my fingertips

Where does this story go?
Queue, food
Drink up, continue

We float in tandem, past name tags and shaking hands
Immune to the hubbub of others
We're deep in discussion, the party's on mute.
(Oh woah, oh woah)
Our bubble's got it covered
You want me, well you've got me
It doesn't have to be today
I can't believe I said that out loud

What's happening here?
I'm growing roots through my toes
And leaves from my fingertips

I'm falling
What does this story know?
Wedding rings, children
Are all the good ones taken?
Rickshaw, disco
Goodnight kiss
Oh, cold shower

Call me for sweet dreams of him
Where does this story go?
(Whoa whoa)
What does this story know?
(Whoa whoa)
What does this story hold for us?

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Comments from YouTube:

Brit Shorette

Listening to your music is like being in an entirely different world that is so familiar and comforting, like a soundtrack to life.

Thanks for doing what you do.

Sean Matsukawa

jesus the mixing in this song is unbelievably amazing


This song makes me feel so comforted and warm. It's pretty magical. 

Aniya Edwards

I felt like I was floating in the air. It's so magical!

Cora Gray

God, this song is perfect. Its more than just music, its a feeling, its just incredible, there arent words to describe its beauty.


I'm always left with a huge smile on my face and tears in my eyes whenever I listen to this song. This...this is the definition of a beautiful song.

Sam Boulton

I love the use of Binaural (3D audio) in this track. I'm a little confused by the acoustic drum kit that comes in at 1:20 though. It starts on your left (behind you) and travels right. So did the person wearing the microphones spin around or move their head? @ZaccyVideo - On radio, this wouldn't be 3D, unless you were listening in headphones. The Binaural/3D can not be experienced on 2 loudspeakers unless they were next to you at 180 degrees, like headphones. As to why, that gets complicated

Geovani F. Rocha

perfeita, IMOGEN <3


WOW! this is amazing on headphones. It takes you to another world, truly a piece of art!

Will Edgar

I LOVE YOU IMOGEN HEAP! This song is stunning, completely beautiful! Keep making music forever please x

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