Wait It Out
Imogen Heap Lyrics

Where do we go from here?
How do we carry on?
I can't get beyond the questions.
Clambering for the scraps
In the shatter of us collapsed.
It cuts me with every could-have-been.

Pain on pain on play, repeating
With the backup makeshift life in waiting.
Everybody says that time heals everything.
But what of the wretched hollow?
The endless in-between?
Are we just going to wait it out?

There's nothing to see here now,
Turning the sign around;
We're closed to the Earth 'til further notice.
A stumbling cliched case
Crumpled and puffy faced
Dead in the stare of a thousand miles

An all-out one, only one street-level miracle.
I'll be a an out-and-out, born again from none more cynical.

Everybody says that time heals everything
Oh in the end.
But what of the wretched hollow?
The endless in-between?
Are we just going to wait it out?

And sit here cold?
We'll be long gone by then.
And lackluster in dust we lay
Around old magazines.
Fluorescent lighting sets the scene
For all we could and should be being
In the one life that we've got.

In the one life that we've got.

Everybody says that time heals everything.
But what of the wretched hollow?
The endless in-between?

Are we just going to wait it out?
We sit here
Just going to wait it out
Sit here cold
Just going to threat it out
Wait it out.

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Imogen is definitely a woman. One of the most beautiful, amazing girls ever. Her voice is much more amazing than anyone else out there and I can say that with confidence. She isn't singing about getting doped up, sex, crime, anything. This is REAL music.

DOG DAYS ARE OVER [TheSchwaWasntHere]

Absolutely amazing. This is one of her best pieces of pure art... Ahhh the emotion, you can hear in her vocals, the rhythm, the chords, ugh. This is all Imogen. What a woman.

Boson Spin

Imogen has created so many excellent tracks but this is my fave - such a great song. Must have listened to it at least a couple of hundred times over the years and it never gets old.

Cat Jensen

This song perfectly encapsulates the pain after things end....


@Lucy K well they say the end of one thing is the start of another so maybe its supposed to feel like both at the same time.

Lucy K

Maybe the words but the beat does not suggest end in any way, beat is like things just starting, like everything is just starting

Jordan Williams

True dat

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imogen does the most inetligent and poetic pop music just like I imagine how the good pop should sound like. her songs reminds me of a big peace of compicated needlework, but the whole shape is still quite simple. I mean that her songs are in the essence quite simple, but the arangements are really sophisticated. I can´t believe how someone can make this realy complicated but complex sound.I admire her as an producer /also as person, musician, songwriter and singer : -) /

Nick Piacente

If I had the knowledge to actually back it up, I’d probably use this song in a class about music engineering as a prime example of how to structure, mix and arrange a song. Everything in it just fits so perfectly. From the opening a capella to the fade in of piano, the slow build to the first chorus, the second chorus that is a full on rockin moment, to the middle 8 with its guitar solo thing and the harmonizer and guitar harmonica at the end.

Melanie Lopez

Her whole album is breathtaking and i just discovered her a couple of days ago. Its like shes an angel who touches everyone's hearts in a certain way

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